‘The Hobbit – An Expected Journey’ the game

I was in a theater recently with about three hours to spare so I thought of a new game.  I call it ‘The Hobbit – An Expected Journey’. Here are the instructions for this simple, yet challenging game you can play against as few as one other person or against hundreds of opponents.

Step 1 (only step)- Watch ‘The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey’ with your opponent/opponents.


– If you finish the movie you get 100 points.

– If you leave the theater for any reason (food, bathroom, etc) during the movie you deduct a point per minute absent.

– If you fall asleep during the movie you deduct a point per minute asleep. You can also lose points for almost falling asleep if caught nodding or flinching.  One point deduction for each occurrence.

– If you snore while you are sleeping there is an additional 10 point deduction on top of the point per minute.

– If you check your phone during the movie for any reason (check time, text, phone call, etc) you lose 5 points for each time you check.

– If any part of your body goes numb during the movie a point will be deducted every minute until you wake up the sleeping limb. A thumb tack should be used to verify normal sensation has returned.

– You can talk during the movie, but if during a conversation you reveal that you thought the Hobbit movie was a sequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy and that  Bilbo Baggins was the son of Frodo,  you lose 40 points.  At which point you are allowed to leave the theater to use the restroom, refresh your drink, and return to your seat to sleep without additional penalty.

Total the scores from those who finished the movie and the person with the most points wins.

Good Luck Precious!!


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