The first rule of Black Club is you do not talk about Black Club.

My youngest daughter (2 and a half) speaks very well for her age. Every day she gets better at putting more and more complex sentences together. The thing that gets her sometimes though is pronunciation. Here are a few of her favorites.

Oblives = Olives
Teet = Tea
Skungbob Scirpants = Spongebob Squarepants
L L L O P = L M N O P (alphabet)
Aminals = Animals

So this weekend in the car on the way back from the zoo she starts singing ‘To the Black Club! To the Black Club!’.

What???!!! Threw me off for sure. What was she talking about? To the black club? She feel asleep shortly after so I couldn’t question her about it.

When she woke up I got another clue. She sang ‘Calling all super readers….to the black club!’.¬† After some google (or bing) research I figured out she was watching a cartoon called ‘Super Why’ and they do this chant ‘Calling all super readers…to the BOOK club!’.

Black = Book

Mystery solved!

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