The Good, The Bad, and the Butt Ugly (Literally)

  I could write a lengthy blog about why I love being half German, but let’s talk about one of the drawbacks. I am hairy as hell!! Now before ya get all crazy on me, let me clarify. I don’t have hair on my back, hanging out my nose and my ears or anything like that. I just have a lot of hair in all the regular spots. And it grows very fast.

Needless to say, I require special attention in the arm pit area. First of all, I trim. Deduct man points if you want, but I HAVE to trim my armpit hair or a jungle will flourish. A humid South American rain forest type jungle.

Even with the trimming I have sweat issues and require a good antiperspirant. With so many options you would think that would be easy to find, but it hasn’t. I have found effective antiperspirants, but there’s always a side effect. They either ruin my clothes, don’t last long enough, or shed white powder everywhere. Yuck!

Saw a commercial one day for ‘Certain Dri‘ and it is supposed to work for up to 72 hours. Wait! What? Bought it the next day. Here’s my review:

The Good: It works!

The Bad: It works too well and if you don’t read the directions you will pay for it.

The Ugly: So I didn’t read the directions and liberally applied Certain-Dri to my newly trimmed pits. As advertised I did not sweat the entire day.  Ok. That’s not true. Let me rephrase. I did not sweat the entire day…… from my armpits. I sweat like a mofo from everywhere else there are sweat glands including my exit hole. I sweat so much from my arsch (butt) that day I left a wet spot the shape of my butt crack on my chair at work. I switched out the chair. Someone else sitting on that now. hehe.

Anyway, all is not bad. I experimented with the Certain-Dri and feel like I got it figured out now.  When I apply very little the night before, the next day I’m pretty much set for the day. I approve of this product. The guy (or gal) sitting in my old chair probably does not.

P.S. I trim my legs too. Don’t hate.

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